Why are green apples sour compared to red apples? (The correct answer)

red and green apple

Green apples have less sugar content than red apples, which makes them more sour than red apples.

Green apples tend to be a little costlier than red apples.

You can expect green apples to have white hard flesh and thick skin, which make the green apples more crispy when you take a bite of them.

If you look at the nutrition between a green apple vs a red apple, there are only small differences.

However, the prices between the two species of apples may be slightly different, but it depends a lot on which region you live in.

Green apple’s health benefits

green apple nutrition

Green apples and red apples have both a lot of health benefits when they are absorbed by your body.

Green apples are a better source than red apples when it comes to these vitamins: Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Green apples will often increase your own metabolism, because of their high fiber content.

It’s recommended to eat your green apple with the peel because the peel itself offers a lot of great vitamins and overall value to the apple.

In addition, a green apple detoxifies your digestive system and your liver.

Another health benefit of eating green apples is that it’s low in both calories and fat.

The green fruit promotes healthy circulation and blood flow in your body, like many other fruits, and keeps your blood sugar stable.

However, green apples can reduce wrinkles and will help promote healthy bones in your body.

Red apple’s health benefits

red apple nutrition

Red apples tend to often have a lot more flavors than green apples.

Red apples will be more sweet and juicy than sour because a red apple contains more sugar.

Red apples are higher in fiber content than green apples. Red apples have some great health benefits as well as green apples.

Red apples are a better source than green apples when it comes to these vitamins: Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

A red apple is also low in calories and contains many healthy vitamins and minerals.

It’s a great fruit for dieting and weight loss, because of its sweet taste and low calories.

Red apples reduce also the risk of diabetes and promote both good gut health and healthy bones.

A thing you may have noticed when you are in your local supermarket is that very often there are many varieties of red apples that are not very red or very few of them are completely red.

Juicy, delicious apples will be light or dark red, but there are also apple varieties that are a mixture of red and ruby. This of course varies depending on the variety of apples and how it tastes.

Red apples vs. green apples health benefits

As mentioned above, both green apples and red apples have a lot of health benefits to offer. They are both low on calories and healthy for you.

However, there are a lot more varieties of red apples than there are of green apple varieties. There are a few differences if you compare green with red apples.

Why are red apples sweeter than green apples?

red apple sweeter than green apples

Red apples contain a higher amount of sugar than green apples, which gives the sweet taste of a red apple.

However, green apples also contain a high amount of sugar, but the sweetness is masked by the tartness when you take a bite of a green apple.

If we look at the practical, a green apple like the popular Grann Smith variety has a much denser texture and have the ability to withstand high heat over a longer period.

Green apples can be eaten as they are, but are commonly used in cooking and baking.

Red apples, have a sweeter taste and tend to be eaten as they are, as a tasty snack, but can also used for applesauce or other desserts.

Are green apples more acidic than red apples?

Green apples are more acidic compared to red apples because the sweetness is masked by the tartness.

However, the acidity may increase your acid reflux symptoms, because of the tartness in a green apple.

Where the sweet taste is not masked in the same way in a red apple.

Which apple is the sourest?

The most popular sour apple is the Granny Smith apple.

The flavor of an apple and how sour it is will depend on the malic acid in the apple.

The dominating sour flavor of apples is great to use for cooking and use in either salads or homemade salsa.

Other sour apples or tart apple varieties than Granny Smith, include Pacific Rose, Newtown Pippin Heirloom, and Golden Delicious as some of the most popular known varieties.

What makes an apple sour?

sour green apples

To understand “what makes an apple sour“, you have to know that every species of apple have sugars and acids in them. Some have more than others depending on the variety.

Sugars in apples are present in the form of glucose and fructose. Where acids in apples include both citric acid and malic acid. Again how much citric and malic acid the apple contains will vary from variety to variety.

However, the balance of sugar citric- and malic acid will determine the prominent flavor of the apple.

It means that apples with a high amount of acid content will taste sour while apples with more sugar in them are more sweet.

In addition, the balance between the sweetness and sourness in apples can sometimes change during storage. You may have experienced this yourself.

The sourness level of an apple will always be at its highest when the apple is just ripe.

The sourness will gradually be reduced over time and the longer you store your apples, the sweeter it will be.

As mentioned above sour apples are very great to use for cooking and baking. Because of the high acid level in the apples, causes other flavors to be enhanced.

Thus, sour apples can help promote other flavors and make a dish more palatable.

Are sour apples better for you?

It’s hard to say it’s correct that a sour apple is good for you – because compared to what?

Sour apples are good for you especially the green ones, as they have a higher content of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K than red apples do.

Sour apples, which are usually green, also contain more Iron and Potassium than red sweet apples.

Final thoughts

I hope you now have a better understanding of the differences between green and red apples and why are green apples sour compared to red apples.

The health benefits of eating apples, whether it’s a green or red apple, it contains a lot of great vitamins for your body.

You will also know now that the balance of sugar and acids in an apple can change over time during storage and that sour green apples tend to be used in cooking or baking.