What is the best type of soil for growing fruit trees? (Our favourite)


There are of course many advantages to growing your own fruit trees. They provide a nice amount of shade in your garden in the hot summer months, but also they give some fullness and a nice look at the garden, and not least the tasty fruit. Fruit from your own garden is just preferable.

It is possible to grow your own fruit trees in the vast majority of climates, but choosing the right type of fruit tree soil will be able to ensure healthier growth of your fruit trees and an abundant amount of fruit.

In general, fruit trees, new and old, grow best in soil with good drainage and lots of nutrients.

Best Ideal Fruit Tree Soil

Fruit trees grow best in a sandy loamy texture which is well-drained. The fruit trees will also need deep soil for their root systems.

It’s therefore recommended to plant fruit trees with at least 3 feet of topsoil, but you can easily use a bit more.

When the fruit tree starts to grow the majority of the roots need to have sufficient room to be able to spread, but they will only grow in the top soil.

However, clay soils or even heavy wet clay soils lack nutrients which can stunt the tree growth and it’s therefore recommended to not plant your fruit trees in.

One of the best and most effective ways to improve drainage and have nutrient soil for your fruit trees is to build a raised bed and fill it up with an amended soil mix.

By adding amended soil mix you will improve the drainage heavily and add a lot of nutrients to the fruit tree roots, which will help it to grow.

Amend soil for fruit trees


Clay soils will often contain many different nutrients, but have poor drainage. However, gardeners in their own garden planting fruit trees may not need to add any fruit tree fertilizer, but they can simply add compost to improve drainage.

Add a layer of mulch of 3 to 4 inches over the surface of the soil, which will help retain moisture in overly sandy soil.

In the spring you can help nourish the fruit trees root in the soil by adding a balanced slow-release fertilizer with a low level of nutrients, which can be bought in your local garden store.

Spread the fertilizer beside the soil or mulch by starting around 12 inches from the tree’s trunk. Be sure to water thoroughly after applying the fertilizer.

What type of soil is best for growing apple trees?

Planting your own apple trees is a great way to grow your own delicious fruit.

However, apple trees can grow in medium-textured clay.

The best soil for your apple trees to grow in is a well-draining loamy soil.

There is a higher chance of root and crown rot increases, if the soil you use for your apple trees doesn’t drain well.

Furthermore, a lack of good drainage when planting apple trees or any other type of fruit trees may tend to reduce root growth. It’s therefore very important that apple trees have the proper growing conditions.

The preferable pH value for apple trees is between 5.8 – 7.0 and a slightly acidic to neutral soil.

Poor soil with a lower or higher pH value than the above will produce a poor harvest while choosing soil with the preferable pH value for apple trees will give you a great harvest of your own delicious fruit.

Clay soil for apple trees

Clay soil will be heavy soil and will always contain at least 25 % clay. The small particles that make up the soil will be very tightly packed together with little or no air space.

Clay soil may make drainage difficult and it will prevent the apple tree roots from spreading easily.

Sandy Soil for apple trees

Sandy soil contains a lot of sand and very little clay and is therefore known as light soil. Sandy soil comes from the breakdown of various types of rock such as limestone and quartz.

A tree can easily dry out if you may choose sandy soil and if it’s not tended properly, because it doesn’t hold moisture very well.

Silt Soil for apple trees

Silt soil is another type of soil and is made up of rocks. However, the particles in this type of soil are finer than sand.

Silt soil is in between clay and sandy soil, but has the clear advantage that it drains significantly better in contrast to clay soil. In addition, silt soil also retains moisture better than sandy soil.

Loamy Soil for apple trees

Loamy soil is also known as the holy grail of soil. This type of soil is made up of all three types of soil sandy, silt, and clay.

Loamy soil drains very well, is able to hold moisture, and is easy for beginners to work with. Because loamy soil has all the best characteristics of each type of soil, it’s preferable for farmers and gardeners to work with.


Final thoughts

Preparing the best soil for your fruit trees such as apple trees will give you the best success for growing delicious juicy fruit in your garden and give you a great harvest.

You can use any type of soil and be able to grow healthy fruit trees in your garden.

Remember to use soil that has great drainage and moisture, if you have in mind to grow apple trees and want to grow them successfully.

Hopefully, you will get a great harvest and have learned something from reading this article. Have a look around if you want to learn more about trees, plants, and how to graft trees.