Which roses have 7 leaves? (+5 Things That May Suprise You)


Answer: A 7 leaved rose is often a wild rose that has broken off the rootstock below the graft.

Today, most and modern rose types contain 5 leaves or less, of which the old type of roses, species varieties, and walkers most often contained 7 leaves or more for some years ago.

However, a wild rose will bloom over the summer, but you must expect that the wild rose may not be able to meet the expectations you actually want or have.

They are lovely to see when you drive or walk through some beautiful wild roses, but maybe not the roses you want in your garden.

Sadly a lot of people have destroyed these lovely and beautiful roses, because of the mistaken dictum that if the rose has more than 5 leaves, it’s not a great and healthy rose.

That is why today it can be hard to find a rose with 7 leaves at a florist or in your local supermarket.

Most of the hybrid teas and floribundas roses only contain 5 leaves, where many of the roses belonging to other varieties and groups can contain 7, 9, and even more leaflets, which are the differences.

There are absolutely no applicable rules for distinguishing a sucker, but most often, but as a generalization, the suckers will usually contain 7 leaflets and be green, like the stems. The stems will usually be smooth with only a few thorns or prickles.

When the sucker flowers they will have 5 petals and you can expect it to be very white. A sucker came only from the rootstock of a rose, where the garden rose only will come from below the bud onion and be budded.

Try to put your foot on the base of the plant and pull the sucker off. It will often not be enough just to cut the stem off the sucker since it will then just grow back again.

If you instead remove the sucker completely, it will not grow back again, and then afterward you can then put the soil back from which the sucker has been removed.

We recommend you remove the suckers whenever you see them on the stem and rub off the suckers to prevent your rose and especially if you have newly planted roses in your garden.

Why do roses with 7 leaves on a branch, not flower?


As a generalization roses with 7 leaves will not bear flowers. Usually, you will see that grafted roses will bear flowers, from which it is common to take wild various roses as components of the plant.

However, wild roses will be resistant to the particular climate and can also withstand at adverse condition too, while a tea rose or an English rose bears a lot of flowers and are a flowering variety.

You may also see or have a tea rose with 7 leaves on a lower branch, but you can expect that the ones above this area on the branch will flower.

However, if the branch is coming from the rootstock of the tea rose, it might probably be a sucker, which can be cut off the rose. But before you may cut the errant stem out, be sure that it is actually coming from the rootstock. Otherwise, you may kill the plant.

Do rambling roses have 7 leaves?

A rambling rose has groups of seven leaves. Rambling roses differ from other types of roses and especially climbing roses, where a climbing rose only have leaves in groups of five.

Rambling roses like climbing roses grow long canes and must be trained.

However, ramblers differ also from climbing roses here in this particular area, since they will often produce long canes, which are more pliable than you can expect to see from other climbing roses, which often will grow stiffer canes when they start growing.

Rambling roses only bloom once a year per season unlike other climbing roses, which can bloom two or more per season depending on the variety. When a rambling rose blooms it produces small, beautiful fragrant clusters of roses, usually in the summer during June or July.

The flowers will provide your garden with beautiful contrast to your other plants, trees, and whatever else you may have in your garden and give an excellent addition to the landscape.

Unlike rambling roses, you can expect regular climbers and shrub roses to bloom longer in general and to produce larger nonclustered flowers, typically starting from June until October.

A great thing regarding ramblers compare to other types of roses, is that they do not require deadheading and will not produce any rose hips after flowering, which you will see on many other types of roses when they have flowered.

How many leaves are on a rose?

It depends a lot on what species the rose is off – before you can expect how many leaves the rose has.

Answer: Some will contain 3 while other species contain 9 or even more.

It’s therefore hard to give a 100 % correct answer here on how many leaves there should be on a rose since it’s not possible due to the conditions mentioned above.

How many leaves should there be on a rose stem?

Answer: A rose will commonly have a few three-leaf leaflets under the flowers and a bit down the cane a five-leaf leaflet on the center and near the bottom of the cane seven-leaf leaflets.

Some roses naturally have seven or even nine leaflets per leaf. However, modern types of rose bushes would not and if you see an extra leaflet on for example a hybrid tea, it may be a stem from the rootstock.

When it all comes it will always depend on the variety of the rose – whenever the rose stem should have 3, 5, 7, or even 9 leaflets.

Final Thoughts

A 7 leaves rose will in most cases be a wild rose that has broken off the rootstock below the graft and a 7 leaves rose will may no flower, but it’s depending on the variety.

The rambling roses differ a lot from other climbing roses and will only bloom once per season. After flowering, a rambler will not require any deadheading which is common to other types of roses.

The conclusion here is that a rose stem should have between 3 to 9 leaflets, but can differ depending on the variety of the rose. Some roses will contain 3 leaves, while other varieties can contain 9 or more leaves.