Plants & Flowers in a car – 7 Things You Should Know


You might have wondered for how long you can keep plants and flowers in a car without dying or taking any other damage.

Some things might surprise you in this article, but if you follow these few guidelines you’re well on your way to keeping your flowers and plants safe in your car.

How long can you keep flowers in a car?

If you keep your flowers for more than two hours in a car and want them to survive in the best way, try to keep them out of the sun. Put the flowers on the floor in your car so they get shade and place them in a vase filled with water.

If you need to bring flowers from one place to another, you want to know how long your flowers will last in a car. The lifespan of your flowers when they leave or need to be transported in a car from one place to another depends mainly on the weather outside.

If it is too cold outside, your flowers may freeze. Vice versa, if it is hot, your flowers may wither. Even after just a few hours in a hot car, your flowers can wither or look lackluster.

However, when you are in the car when the flowers are, you are able to control the temperature. If you only do quick stops while you’re having your flowers in your car it should be okay, but leaving your flowers in your car for a longer period could make them wither.

When transporting the flowers you also want to take care of the flowers. One quick unexpected braking may mean spilled water and your flowers won’t last long without water in your car.

To secure your flowers and to get them to survive, use a box to keep them stable while transporting them. The best way to do it is to wrap a towel around the vase and put the box on a flat surface in your car.

Remember to give the flowers enough water to keep the stems wet during transport. If you consider transporting multiple bouquets it’s possible using the same methods. However, try not to press the blooms, as you risk damaging petals and buds on the bouquets.

How do you keep flowers fresh in a car?

A great way to keep flowers fresh in a car is by using a bucket, filling it up halfway with water, and placing your bouquets upright.

The flowers will drink extra water when it’s warm in a car and therefore it’s important to keep the flowers in water to keep them fresh in a car.

In order for the bucket to stay in the same place, place some heavy objects on each side of the bucket so it does not curl around if you make hard braking or have to turn in a turn.

Have in mind to keep your flowers in shade and don’t place them in the direct sunlight from the windows in the car. Place them on the floor either at the trunk in the car or on the floor of the passenger seats to keep them upright. Try to keep the climate in the car cool, to keep the flowers fresh.

How long can flowers stay without water in a car?

Answer: As a generalization, flowers can live up to around 5 days without water, but in a car, flowers can stay without water for 1-2 days depending on the species and the climate.

However, it all depends on what the temperature is in the car. If it’s cold it increases the length of time they’ll last, vice versa hot days means that the flowers will limp quickly in a car. Like the temperature, the type of flowers differs as well when it comes to how quickly the flowers wilt and will run out of water.

Also, have in mind some other things like how fresh was the flowers before you leave them in your car and when was it cut and last but not least the humidity of the air.

We recommend you wrap the stems of your bouquet with wet paper there is a higher chance of the flower not withering in the car.

Are there plants that can last overnight in a car?

Answer: Some plants can actually thrive in cars with the right temperature and conditions. The plants will not only add some fresh decor to your car, but they can also help purify the air.

The survival of the plants in a car is dependent on the care of the plants, the conditions, and the absence of disturbances.

Since it’s not all types of plants that can last overnight in a car, we have tried to show some of them down below.

Snake plant – This might be one of the best plants to overnight in a car. The snake plant is a great slow-growing plant, which will last for decades if you are able to take care of it. The plant requires almost no water and loves to be in the sunlight like you have in a car and thrive excellently even when there is no sunlight.

Lucky bamboo – A lucky bamboo plant is a good-looking plant and can live in even the least comfortable environments like a car, where there will often not be as much fresh air daily. If you want it to keep growing in your car bring the plant into your home regularly and give it some water.

Succulents – A succulent needs around six hours of sunlight per day, which is not uncommon to get if the plant is placed in a car. This species of plants don’t need that much water as well, which makes it perfect to be a plant that is able to overnight in a car. However, if your succulent is newly planted it may scorch if it’s placed directly in the sunlight – meaning it’s a great idea to gradually introduce the plant to full sun exposure and give it some shade during the day.

On hot days during the summer months, it’s important to not stifle your plants while they are in your car.

Try to keep the windows cracked in your car to not suffocate the plant. Find a location at your car where the plant can be stabilized. If the plant toppling every time your brake or have to do a swing, you’ll end up with a dead plant in your car in no time.

Final Thoughts

If you have flowers or bouquets staying in your car for too long without water they will wither or die. The best way to keep your flowers fresh in a car is to wrap them in some wet paper at the stems so they keep getting water. Try to regulate the temperature to get the best conditions for the flowers or plants in your car to survive.

It’s important to use a bucket or another stable location in your car if you have to drive your bouquets or flowers from one place to another.

If you have to have your plants overnight in your car there must be the right temperature and conditions for the plants to survive.

We all want our plants and flowers to survive if we leave them in our car. However, they both add some fresh decor and can also help purify the air in your car.

It’s also important to know that not all plants and flowers will be able to overnight in a car.

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